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b4stage4 conference welcomes UK expert and advocate Rt Hon Norman Lamb

Norman LambCMHA is thrilled to welcomeÿRt Hon Norman Lamb, Member of Parliament from the UK, as our esteemed keynote speaker at the b4stage4 conference this month, on November 28-30 in Victoria, BC.

Mr. Lamb is a tireless advocate for mental health issues and has fought passionately for the fair and equal treatment of mental health care. In fact, by all accounts he’s viewed as the architect of mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention in the UK. He served as Minister of State for Care and Support from 2012 to 2015 and has been Member of Parliament for North Norfolk since 2001.

Norman Lamb won the 2014 Political Studies Association award for best use of evidence in policy making and was awarded Rethink?s Chair?s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mental Health in 2015. Currently, chief among his priorities is to ensure that mental health care is prioritized equal to physical health care.

In this brief video, Mr. Lamb shares his vision for a way forward to improve our system of care and promote meaningful change.

Join us this November 28-30 to shape the future of mental health and addictions care in British Columbia and be a part of change! Register today.

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