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Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Wednesday, January 24. We are joining in and committing to take meaningful action to create real change in mental health.

Since 2011, Canadians and people around the globe have joined in the world’s largest conversation around mental health on Bell Let’s Talk Day. Together we have taken big steps to reduce the stigma around mental health issues, inspire one another to take action, and help create a Canada where everyone can access the mental health support they need. But it is clear more needs to be done. Real change is needed.

Our organization is joining in to create change by engaging in conversations about mental health whenever possible to fight the negative stigma around mental health. As well as participating in The Push Up Challenge in the coming month to fund raise for mental health support.

Let’s create real change. Take action all year long.

Bell Let’s Talk Day marks the start of a new year to take action in mental health. We can all create real change by doing one or more of the following:

Share your actions using #BellLetsTalk and help inspire others.

You can find resources and learn more about organizations providing mental health supports and services throughout Canada at You can also download the Bell Let’s Talk toolkit for tools to get the conversation started and to create real change at home, school, or in the workplace.

Let’s kick off a year of action together and show support for all those who live with mental illness. Together, we can create a Canada where everyone can get the mental health support they need.

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