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Life Skills Support

Assists individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness to work toward recovery by setting and achieving personal goals in everyday living.  Individuals work on areas such as budgeting, cooking, meal planning, home maintenance, medication management, socialization and errands and appointments.

Referral required to Acting Program Manager, Shirley Hogan from Mental Health & Addiction case managers.

Comments from recipients of outreach life skills services:

“I realized how meaningful this service has become. The benefits just kind of snuck up on me”

“Making friends, not being alone all the time, not being lonely”

“I am learning healthier food choices.  Thanks for helping me with groceries”

“If it wasn’t for you, I would have no one”

“I was so happy that the support worker cared enough to come and fix what I needed”

“I am glad that the support worker did not ignore my request to fix the floor in my house”

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