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Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

CMHA of Northern BC is a volunteer-driven organization that depends on volunteers like you to help us to develop our vision and provide services.

Studies show that regular volunteer activity can have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Volunteering with CMHA provides the opportunity to build skills, learn more about mental health and meet new people, while helping build a more caring community. Because of the benefits of volunteering, we especially encourage those personally affected by mental illness to volunteer.

Volunteering with CMHA of Northern BC also provides an opportunity for social contact and interaction.  Volunteers represent the best in our communities.  You too can make a difference by becoming a volunteer.  When you do, you become part of a helping network – part of a caring community.

We can use help in many different areas of interest and skill:

How to apply

You can pick up a Volunteer Application form at our office or download: Volunteer Application

For more information call our Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca at 250-564-8644 or email

Peer Support Volunteers

We are also looking for helpful and knowledgeable individuals with life experience, to come and join us as peer support volunteers!

How to apply

For more information, please call our Peer Support Coordinator Christine at 236-331-5917 or email her at

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