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National Mental Health Conference Looks for Real Change in Workplace Culture

Two-day Bottom Line Conference takes a hard look at how efforts to achieve psychological health and safety for all have transformed the workplace

Are the places we work more attuned to mental health and responsive to mental illness in 2017? That?s the focus of the 14th annual Bottom Line Conference, the Canadian Mental Health Association?s national forum on workplace mental health, to be held February 21 and 22 at the Marriott Pinnacle in Vancouver.

The 2017 Bottom Line Conference is about the transformation of workplace culture. The conference theme, Transforming Workplace Culture: Agents and Allies, focuses on the trials and triumphs of individuals and organizations working to achieve psychological health and safety for all in the workplace.

The conference will feature workplace leaders of change as they talk about their successes, their failures, the challenges they see ahead, and what keeps them inspired.

Held over two days, program highlights include:

  1. That Overwhelming Feeling: Day 1 keynote speaker is Brigid Schulte, the award-winning author of the New York Times? bestseller Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time. Brigid has spoken all over the world about how to make time for a better life by redesigning work cultures to focus on effective work and, instead of seeking status in busyness, recapturing the value of leisure. She?ll look at how rewiring social policy and re-imagining gender roles for a fairer division of labor and opportunity at work and at home can better meet the needs of diverse 21st century families.
  2. Workplace stories from the agents of change: On Day 1, the conference kicks off with a powerful panel ? leaders of change at all levels, from worker to senior leader, share their stories of cultural change in their own lives and workplaces. This panel includes Owen Goodwin, CNC electronic oxygen burner, USW, Natasha Tony, Assistant Steward, IATSE Local 891, Kristin Bower, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Vancity, Ron Coulson, Assistant Chief, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services and Stephen Douris, Retired Trucker, Health and Safety Rep.
  3. Drugs and the Workplace: With more than 900 overdose deaths in 2016, everyone is aware of the terrible impact BC?s fentanyl crisis is having on our community. On Day 2, Dr. Perry Kendall, BC?s Provincial Health officer, will talk about the implications of the crisis on our workplaces. Then there?s the wild card of the upcoming legalization of marijuana. On Day 1, Eric Costen, Director General of the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat, will talk about the legislation, expected in the House of Commons this spring.
  4. Mental Health on The O-Line: Until recently, Day 2 keynote speaker Angus Reid worked on the mother of all front lines ? the offensive line of the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, protecting his quarterback from the onslaught of 350-pound defensive linemen. He played for 13 years, logging 200 games. Throughout his career Angus was a three-time all-star, two-time Grey Cup Champion and eight-time team captain. But the same personality traits that allowed him to excel in such a competitive business also led him to slip into the world of compulsive gambling. After nearly losing his career and falling into massive debt, Angus had to once again fight the odds to come through the other side and regain control over himself and his life.
  5. CM Hincks Workplace Award: The winner of this year?s award, the fourth annual, will be revealed at the end of Day 2. A representative of last year?s winner, the University of British Columbia, will make the presentation. The winner exemplifies the spirit and social commitment of the founder of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Clarence Meredith Hincks, honouring an outstanding organization that has advanced workplace mental health.

For more information on the speakers highlighted here and the conference program, please see or contact:

Lorna Allen
Communications Coordinator – Media,ÿCMHA BC
1-800-555-8222 or 604-688-3234 ext. 6326

Media are invited to attend this year?s conference and there will be a media table on site. If possible, please register in advance by contacting Lorna Allen at

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