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Nourish Food Bank! – $10 Challenge

Nourish Food Bank has registered over 520 households since opening at the end of June 2023. As we all know, the cost of living is continuing to rise, making it more challenging for many families and individuals to meet their basic needs.

Cash donations can be stretched further by creating opportunities for bulk buying and purchasing nutritious food, which is why Nourish is trying something new, the $10 Challenge! If 250 people donate just $10 a month, Nourish will have a stable source of funding to support households in need. All donations stay in Quesnel to support local people.

Join the $10 Challenge. You can set it and forget it here:

Please contact Jennifer at or 250-983-6239 if you’d like to explore other ways to make a donation. Tax receipts will be issued by Canadian Mental Health Association of Northern BC at the end of the year.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Learn more about the Nourish Food Bank here –

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