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Thank you Bell Let?s Talk for supporting CMHA work across BC

Canadians across the country will join together on January 25 on social media to text, talk and tweet about mental health for the 7th annual Bell Let?s Talk Day.

Bell?s annual campaign encourages people to ?start a conversation? about mental health with friends, family and co-workers, recognizing that simply talking makes a significant impact in breaking down stigma and eliminating discrimination.

As Canada?s nation-wide leader and champion for mental health for almost 100 hundred years, CMHA wholly embraces opportunities such as this to talk openly about mental health. Every day CMHA BC helps British Columbians access the resources they need to maintain and improve mental health, build resilience and support recovery from mental illness and addiction.

We applaud Bell for continuing the conversation and helping to promote awareness of mental health issues.

We also want to say ?thank you? for the direct support we have received from the Bell Let?s Talk Community Fund over the last five years. Donated funds have been awarded to CMHA branches in Vancouver, South Cariboo, Kelowna, Prince George and the Shuswap / Revelstoke region allowing us to enhance delivery of front-line services to individuals in these communities.

Here are just some of the projects that these donations have been used to assist:

This year?s Let?s Talk campaign highlights the impact of mental illness on everyone, with spokespeople Clara Hughes, Howie Mandel, Michael Landsberg, and others speaking candidly about their own personal experiences with mental illness and recovery.

Join the conversation online today and Bell will donate 5 cents more to mental health initiatives for every:

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