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Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary

Post-secondary bursary for youth

We know the teen years are when mental health and substance use problems often show up for the first time, and that this can get in the way of school and career goals. Offered as part of the Blue Wave youth mental health program, this post-secondary bursary program is open to BC youth under the age of 20 who have experienced a significant mental health or substance use problem. The vision of the Janice Lee Blue Wave bursary program is to invest in the resilience, wisdom and potential of young people, and to reduce some of the barriers during the transition from high school to higher education. Several bursaries of $700 are awarded each year. Applicants are asked to write a letter of hope and encouragement to other youth who may be struggling. You can read some of these letters below. To learn more or to apply for a bursary visit To help us provide more bursaries to BC youth, please donate. Learn more:

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